About us

Company R.R. Sport d.o.o. was founded in 2009th. Company’s main business is the production of body building and fitness equipment „KOLOSEUM“ based on the experience of top body builders in these areas Žarka Stojića i Miroslava Levaka.

Their years of experience training, competition and collection of experiences from other branches of sports, resulted in the design and manufacture fitness equipment „Koloseum“.

Owner of the „Koloseum “, wich produces professional bodybuilder devices, begin to train very early in the age of 12. He was often forced to improvise and specialize exercise that is seen on film or in magasines, where begins the first steps toward starting a serious exercise and design their own line of devices.

The motive is found in the film Roky3 encounters with big muscles Sylvester Stalonea, big Laurence Tureauda mr.T (Lang) and Carl Weathersa (Apollo). This was the motive for first trip to the gym, where he met his longtime friend, then state champion to 75 kg Igor Ljubić that Miroslav Levak wrote the first diet and helps around the first preparation.

After that he met his future coach and mentor prof. Žarko Stojić multiple champion in ex. Yugoslavia, who is the initiator of the story about the production of devices. After that Miroslav Levak pointed out with his work in Croatian bodybuilding federation and organized three competitions in his hometown Bjelovar and three time he become state champion in the category up to 90 kg, once vice world champion in Koper behind Duško Mađerović and won the „Belgrade Open“ to 90 kg 2008th (the first competition of its kind after the war).

He was actively engaged in bodybuilding for 12 years. Miroslav Levak is exercising on different devices and long experience poured in the production of his own line of devices, which now can be used in many GYM Clubs in Croatia and beyond. There are also many frendships with people from the world of professional sports, which are also weaved by an idea into a new line of devices KOLOSEUM. Žarko Stojić, Mario Mlinarić, Miloš Šarčev,Mustafa Mohamed, Regina Da Silva are just some of the close associate and friends of the owner Miroslav Levak. These are some pictures of the owner from the competition and socializing.

Kovani namještaj Indira

Proizvodnja kovanog namještaja za interijere i eksterijere.


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Miloš Šarčev, Mustafa Mohammad, Regina da Silva and others.

Igor Ljubić

Winner in the category up to 85kg, wrote the first Miroslav’s diet and helped him in the first preparations.

Mario Mlinarić

Guinness record holder and conditioning coach Mirko Filipovic equiped Core Gym with Koloseum machines.

Mirko Filipović

The most famous mixed martial arts fighter has selected our equipment, recognizing the quality of our equipment and design.